TrueCrypt GUI (tcgui)

Download tcgui now...

Choose one of following links to download tcgui. Before you install the GUI, you should read the README.

System requirements:

Mainly tcgui is developed for Ubuntu, so the installation guidelines are written only for it. But you can use the program also with Kubuntu. Feel free to to write a guide for your linux version, if you do so please send me a copy of it.

My Email: m.grabowski[at]online[dot]de

Name Information Link
TrueCrypt GUI V.0.4.2 This archive contains the main program of tcgui with all files you need to install the GUI. Read the README file first, before you try to install tcgui. The README is also in the archive. The source code is not contained in this archive. Download
Source code This file contains the whole source code of the tcgui. This download is only interesting for developers. Download